More Photos for Xpeng’s Electric Coupe, Named P7, To Debut on Shanghai Auto Show 2019


Xpeng Motors officially announced that its first pure electric coupe was officially named P7, it also released several detail pictures. As the second model of Xpeng Motors, range of the new coupe will be greatly improved compared to Xpeng G3, the hardware of Xpeng P7 will support L3 level automatic driving. It is reported that P7 will debut at the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show.

According to spy photos taken earlier, we can see that the new car is a four-door coupe with a slip-back shape. The longer engine compartment and smooth lines make this new car look like a coupe, which is more in line with the current young consumer.

The front end of P7 adopts a through-type lamp strip shape, grille is close style, the door handle of P7 is hidden style, integrated with the body.

Xpeng Motors stated that the size of Xpeng P7 will fully surpass the mainstream mid-size car, the wheelbase will be as long as a mid/large size vehicle. We can guess that the wheelbase of the P7 may exceed 2800mm, becoming to the only pure electric medium-large coupe on the market except Tesla Model S.

In terms of battery life, the official said that “the range will be greatly improved”, perhaps this will mean that the new car will have a significant improvement compared to the 226miles(365km) NEDC range on Xpeng G3.