The all-new NIO EC6 officially debuts


Update: On September 15th, NIO officially announced its mid size SUV – the all-new NIO EC6- with two new configurations available, with a total purchase price of 358,000 and 416,000 yuan respectively on the Chinese market; The selling price of both battery rental options is 288,000 yuan per month, and the battery rental options are 980 yuan per month and 1680 yuan per month, respectively. With the launch of the car, all product switches for the second generation technology platform have been basically completed. It is worth mentioning that this car only takes 4.4 seconds from 0-100km/h.

On September 11th, NIO officially showcased its mid-size electric SUV – the all-new NIO EC6. The car will be officially launched on September 15th, and with its launch, it has basically completed all product switching for the 2nd-gen technology platform. It is worth mentioning that this car only takes 4.4 seconds from 0-100km/h.

In terms of appearance, the new car adopts a fresh new design concept from the NIO family, with a sharper split light group design. The upper LED daytime running lights are narrower in size, while the lower high and low beam light groups are integrated with the ventilation openings on both sides of the front bumper. The lower part of the front bumper also adopts a ladder shaped heat dissipation opening design.

On the side of the car, the new car still adopts the design of a sliding back coupe SUV model. The overall lines on the side of the EV are very flat, and the use of hidden door handles enhances the overall feel. The new car is also equipped with large-sized dual five spoke wheels and orange brake calipers, further enhancing the sporty atmosphere.

At the rear of the car, the new-gen NIO EC6 features a bar-style taillight design, with the license plate frame area in the center of the trunk forming a convex and concave layered sense with the entire rear. In addition, the multi-layer design of the rear bumper further enhances the three-dimensional feel of the entire vehicle. It is worth mentioning that the car will be equipped with dual mode and automatic lifting spoiler, greatly enhancing the sporty atmosphere. According to official reports, the spoiler has a length of 1353mm, a width of 196mm, and a windward force area of 0.254 square meters. In addition, the electric rear spoiler is offered by two modes: automatic and manual. In automatic mode: when the vehicle speed exceeds 80km/h, it will be turned on to reduce obstruction until the vehicle speed drops to 20km/h, and the rear spoiler will be fully retracted. The opening angle of the drag reduction gear is 23 °, and in this state, the vehicle’s drag coefficient is the lowest; When the vehicle speed rises to 170km/h, the rear spoiler will open to the top gear; When the vehicle speed decreases to 160km/h, the rear spoiler will return to de blocking. The opening angle of the top gear is 31.5 °, which places the maximum downward pressure on the vehicle, which is beneficial for enhancing control confidence and driving pleasure.

In terms of interior design, the car adopts a brand new embracing design style, with a flat central control line combined with a floating full LCD instrument panel and a large vertical central control screen, making the car look simple and fashionable. At the same time, it will provide four interior colors.

According to the official statement, the all-new NIO EC6 has a total of 22 storage spaces throughout the vehicle, covering the front and rear passenger compartments and trunk. It provides 7 hooks and can hang a total of 30kg of heavy objects; At the same time, the maximum volume of the trunk is 594L, providing multi-layer hidden storage space; After the second row seats are folded down, the maximum capacity of the trunk can reach 1402L. In terms of configuration, the car will be equipped as standard with silent tires, double-layer laminated soundproof glass, acoustic package, EDS (electric drive system) noise control, four NVIDIA Drive Orin X chips (with 48 CPU cores, 256 matrix computing units, 8096 floating point computing units, a total of 68 billion transistors, with a total computing power of 1016 TOPS), FCW forward collision warning, AEB automatic emergency braking, and other forward emergency safety assistance, Lateral blind spot assistance includes BSD lane blind spot detection, DOW side door opening warning, etc. The all-new NIO EC6 meets regulatory certification and can legally tow passenger cars on the road. It supports towing accommodation trailers that meet regulatory requirements, expanding a richer outdoor experience. Users can choose to install a towing set, including a hidden electric towing hook, with a maximum allowable towing mass of 1260 kilograms (lateral towing capacity) and a towing hook carrying capacity of 75 kilograms (vertical carrying capacity).

In terms of body size, the new car has a length, width, and height of 4849/1995/1697mm, and a wheelbase of 2915mm. In terms of power, the new car will adopt a front and rear dual electric + four-wheel drive system, with the front motor being a coaxial induction electric drive motor with a high power of 150 kW; The rear motor is a permanent magnet synchronous drive motor with a maximum power of 210 kW. At the same time, NIO Research ICC intelligent chassis domain controller provides a variety of chassis “gameplay” including: 3 types of steering force, 5 types of acceleration, 3 types of suspension stiffness, 3 gears of kinetic energy recovery, and 2 gears of energy-saving. And provide 5 basic driving modes (sports+, sports, comfort, energy-saving, personalized) +4 scene modes (trailer, snow, sand, wetland). In addition, the car has a charging, swapping, and upgrading charging service system. The comprehensive operating range of CLTC is 495km for a standard battery pack (75 kWh) and 630km for a long battery pack (100 kWh).