NIO’s Power North plan comes to its first anniversary


Recently, NIO Power North plans to celebrate its one-year anniversary. In the past year, NIO has newly added 23 battery swap stations in eight northern provinces, with a total of 28; added 113 supercharging stations and 320 supercharging piles, with a total of 119 supercharging stations and 348 supercharging piles; 61 new eye-charging stations and 238 eye-charging piles have been added, with a total of 67 destination charger stations and 252 destination charging piles; 8,000+ third-party charging piles have been connected. In addition, 57 prefecture-level administrative regions have deployed NIO power-up resources, and 17 cities have built the first NIO power station.

NIO Power North Plan

On April 19, 2021, NIO released the Power North plan, whose role is to provide a better power-up experience for tram users in the eight northern provinces (Xinjiang, Qinghai, Ningxia, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, and Jilin). In addition, the official also stated that before December 31, 2024, all NIO vehicles (except operating vehicles) using NIO public charging piles in the eight northern provinces can enjoy a free charging quota of 1,000 degrees throughout the year, and free service charges after exceeding 1,000 degrees. Unlimited power.

At present, NIO has opened up 9 inter-city railway lines including G1 Jingha Expressway and Inner Mongolia G6 Expressway, with a total mileage of over 9,300km. In addition, according to official statistics, NIO users charge more than 1.16 million degrees for free at NIO charging stations in eight northern provinces, and about 70.5% of the charging capacity comes from other electric vehicle brands, providing functional services for multiple brands of new energy vehicles. In the next two years, NIO will continue to deploy battery swap facilities in eight northern provinces, covering more popular scenic spots and destinations.