NIO’s Power Exchange Station exceeded 1,200


On November 3 last year, NIO‘s power exchange stations reached 600. A year later, another 600 stations have been added. On November 6, with the commissioning of NIO battery exchange stations at in Suzhou China, the total number of NIO battery exchange stations across the country exceeded 1,200. By the end of the year, the cumulative number of NIO battery swap stations will exceed 1,300. According to the official introduction of NIO, in 2025, a total of 4,000 battery exchange stations will be built around the world.

NIO’s second-gen power exchange station can automatically park vehicles. Users can start self-service power exchange with one key in the car without getting out of the car. The power exchange process only takes 3 minutes. At present, NIO has provided users with nearly 14 million battery replacement services, and the coverage rate has increased to 66.23%. The average daily power exchange exceeds 30,000 times, and a car leaves the power exchange station with a full power in 2.8 seconds on average.

As of November 6, 66.23% of NIO users’ residences or offices were within 3 kilometers from the NIO power station. In 2022, NIO will build over 1,300 battery swap stations, over 6,000 super-charging piles, and over 10,000 destination charging piles in the Chinese market.