NIO’s Monthly Delivery Creates New high in October


On November 4, 2019, NIO announced monthly sales data for October 2019, reaching 2,526 units, a 25% increase from the previous month and a 61% year-on-year increase, the data hit a new high in single-month delivery since 2019.

From the specific model sales, the ES6 sales in October were 2,220 units, which is the absolute main sales model. The ES8 sold 306 units, which is a big gap compared to ES6. It is understood that the ES6’s overall pricing is lower than the ES8, this model focuses on optimizing the energy consumption in the drive system, making the cruising range better than the ES8, and also optimizing the interior configuration and driving experience.

It is understood that NIO’s sales in Sep. and October have broken records for two consecutive months, the monthly delivery volume exceeds 2,000 units, this brings about a monthly operating income of about 1 billion yuan to NIO, which can alleviate NIO’s. cash flow pressure. According to official sources, NIO delivered 14,867 units throughout the year in 2019. Since its delivery in June 2018, the company has delivered a total of 26,215 units.