NIO Will Recall 4803 ES8 from Now On Due to Battery Pack Short Circuit Hidden Danger


According to the news from the General Administration of Market Supervision in China, Shanghai Weilai Automobile Co., Ltd. (NIO) filed a recall plan for its first EV ES8. Since June 27, 2019, a total of 4,803 NIO ES8 electric vehicles equipped with power battery packs from April 2, 2018 to October 19, 2018 will be recalled.

The power battery pack used in the vehicle was equipped with a module of codenamed NEV-P50. The voltage sampling harness in the module may be improperly wounded, which may be squeezed by the upper cover of the module, causing the skin of the extruded voltage sampling harness to wear out. In extreme cases, the insulation of the wire harness may be burnt, causing the battery pack to run out of control and fire, posing a safety hazard. NIO will replace the improved power battery pack for vehicles within the recall range to eliminate potential safety hazards.

NIO has always been a concern, and the recent focus were on the quality of its vehicles. According to public reports, NIO has had three spontaneous combustion accidents in the past two months.

On April 22nd, a NIO ES8 in Xi’an NIO maintenance service center suddenly caught fire. According to NIO’s investigation, the cause of the accident was that the vehicle had been severely impacted before the repair, resulting in large deformation of the left rear casing and the cooling plate of the power battery pack; The internal structure of the battery pack forms a short circuit after being squeezed for a period, eventually causing a fire.

On May 16th, a NIO ES8 appeared to be smoking in the underground garage in Jiading, Shanghai. The fire was controlled after the firefighters extinguished the smoke, NIO said that problem might be “too fully charged battery”.

On June 14, a NIO ES8 in Wuhan spontaneously ignited. On the evening of the same day, NIO issued a statement on the official Weibo that the fire had been extinguished and no personal injury or other property damage occurred. The cause of the vehicle’s fire was unknown and investigations had been initiated.

According to data released by NIO, as of May this year, NIO delivered a total of 17,550 ES8, the recall accounted for 27.37% of the total deliveries.