NIO will complete the layout plan of its power exchange network on highway by next year


A few days ago, NIO officially launched its “five vertical, three horizontal and four metropolitan areas” power exchange network layout plan on highway. The plan will quickly deploy the famous high-speed lines across the country. And the power exchange network in the metropolitan area will bring more convenient power exchange services to the owners of cars across the country. The officials of NIO revealed that the plan will be completed before the Spring Festival of 2022.

In the plan, the “five verticals” include G1 Beijing – Harbin Expressway, G4 Beijing – Hong Kong- Macau Expressway, G2 Beijing – Shanghai Expressway, G5 Beijing – Kunming Expressway, G15 Shenhai Expressway. And the “Three Horizontals” will include the G30 Lianyungang – Khorgas Expressway (Jiangsu Lianyungang – Baoji Section), G50 Shanghai – Chongqing Expressway, G60 Shanghai – Kunming Expressway (Shanghai – Hunan Shaoyang Section). And finally, the “four metropolitan areas” include the Beijing – Tianjin – Hebei metropolitan area, the Yangtze River Delta metropolitan area, the Greater Bay Area metropolitan area, and the Chengdu-Chongqing metropolitan area.

According to the official disclosures from NIO, in addition to the above high-speed power exchange network, this year NIO will also open up a segment of a high-speed switching network in some inter-city cities such as the G42 Shanghai – Chengdu Expressway, G25 Changsheng Expressway, G35 Jiguang Expressway, G45 Daguang Expressway, G65 Baomao Expressway, and G70 Fuyin Expressway. Earlier, the officials of NIO stated that the brand plans to build 500 replacement power stations nationwide by 2021. If you want the follow-up reports of NIO’s power station swap layout, please be updated with our (ChinaPev’s) news reports.