NIO Upgraded L2 level Assisted Driving Function / NIO OS 2.0 Operating System


On June 10th, NIO announced the upgrade of the NIO Pilot automatic assisted driving system. 7 new functions were added. At the same time, the NIO OS 2.0 intelligent operating system was upgraded to a new UX interactive and UI design.

The NIO Pilot automatic assisted driving system has added 7 functions including Highway Pilot, Traffic Jam Pilot and Auto Lane Change. After the upgrade, it marks the NIO Pilot system has L2 level automatic assisted driving system with lateral and longitudinal control capacity. NIO will master core technology as an important strategic choice. The automatic driving control algorithm, the underlying software, and the ADAS controller are all being developed by NIO China and North America.

The NIO OS 2.0 smart operating system is a global optimization that is performed after listening to user feedback. Better looking UI design, better UX interaction, and richer content. In this upgrade, the system level is simplified, and the main interface of the central control screen is adjusted from 3 screens to 1 screen; adding more screen gesture operations, all operations can be completed through screen gestures; the new design of the shortcut control supports user customization; The NIO smart operating system integrates rich third-party content such as Baidu map, QQ music, and Himalayan FM, in addition to integrating the sound-based online community NIO Radio.