NIO to launch 2nd-gen home charging pile with a more compact design


Recently, NIO officially launched the 2nd-gen household charging piles. According to the official introduction, the design of the new charging pile refers to the improvement suggestions of many NIO users based on its 1st-gen household charging piles, thus bringing four major improvements to the second generation. In terms of maximum charging power, the new charging pile keeps the same 7kW as the old charging pile.

Compared with the old charging pile, the biggest change of NIO’s 2nd-gen home charging pile is that the appearance has been redesigned, the size is more compact, and the design is still simple. In terms of size, the length, width, and height of the second-generation home-filled piles are 218mm, 345mm, and 153mm, respectively. The smaller size makes the installation more flexible. The new pile adopts a split design, which reduces the problem of tangling when winding the wire.

Compared with the old charging piles that encounter low voltage and suspend charging directly, the second generation home charging piles will solve the impact of voltage fluctuations on charging by actively reducing the current to avoid charging suspension. In addition, the second-generation charging pile has improved the operation logic of automatic reset of emergency stop. When an emergency stop occurs, there is no need to rotate the button, and the emergency stop state is released when the gun is pulled.

The 2nd-gen charging pile will be listed on NIO online store on 25th June, price is not yet released, stay tuned with us for more info about NIO.