NIO To Launch 100kWh Battery Pack


Some Chinese media gets the latest news, NIO is about to launch 100kWh battery pack, but it is unclear whether it will be used in synchronization with the new model.

At 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, NIO brought its first pure electric sedan ET Preview, it planed to be listed on this year’s NIO Day, but Qin Lihong, NIO’s president has clearly stated in an interview, the production version of ET Preview (ET7) will be deferred for sale.

NIO ET Preview

According to the “tradition” of NIO’s “releasing a new car each year”, it is speculated that this year’s NIO Day will probably launch a derivative model based on NIO ES6, whether the upcoming 100kWh battery pack will be used in the ES6 derivative model is still unknown.

Another guess is that the size of the 100kWh battery might be the same as that of the existing 70kWh and 84kWh battery packs, perhaps the old car owners can replace the 100kWh battery with additional money for longer range.

According to the official, this battery pack is likely to be available in both replaceable and non-replaceable versions, but it is not known whether it is the same size as the existing battery. At present, there is no official detailed information on this 100kWh battery pack. We will wait and see.