NIO: The Electric SUV ES7 Will be Delivered in the 3rd Quarter 2022


On the morning of March 25th, NIO released its fourth-quarter and full-year financial results for the quarter ended December 31, 2021, this morning. At the performance conference call, NIO revealed that the ES7, the first SUV model based on NIO’s second-generation technology platform NT2, will be released in the near future. This all-new EV is positioned in the mid-to-large high-end five-seat SUV market and is scheduled to be delivered in the third quarter of this year.

Regarding the second production base, NIO said that the plant construction and equipment installation of the second production base in Hefei Xinqiao Intelligent Automobile Industrial Park has been basically completed, and the commissioning work is progressing smoothly. The planned production capacity of the second production base is 60JPH, and it is planned to be officially put into production in the third quarter of this year. The first model produced is NIO ET5. On March 16, the first ET5 trial car was rolled off the production line at the trial production center.

In addition, the business work of NIO’s new brand for the mass market is progressing smoothly, the core team has been established, the strategic direction and development plan have been clarified, and the first batch of products has entered the key research and development stage.