NIO released self-developed car chip & NIO Phone


On September 21st, the “NIO IN 2023 NIO Innovation Technology Day” was held in Shanghai, where NIO presented a complete layout of technological innovation in all fields – the “NIO Full Stack”, and released a new technology product – NIO Phone. According to the official statement, the “NIO Full Stack” includes 12 key technological fields, including intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving, chip and onboard intelligent hardware, operating system, mobile internet, electric drive system, battery system, smart energy, vehicle engineering, intelligent manufacturing, artificial intelligence, and global digital operations, covering nine major elements: intelligence, electric, automotive, products, services, community, multi brand, multi platform, and multi region.

What is “NIO Full Stack”

The “NIO Full Stack” includes 12 key technology areas, including chips and on-board intelligent hardware, battery systems, electric drive systems, vehicle engineering, operating systems, mobile connectivity, intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit, intelligent energy, intelligent manufacturing, artificial intelligence, global digital operations, etc. It will meet NIO’s needs in intelligent, electric, automotive, product, service, community, multi brand, multi platform The demand for research and development of nine key elements in three dimensions and multiple regions.

The main control chip of the LiDAR, “Yang Jian,” code name NX6031, has been officially unveiled, featuring high integration, low energy consumption, and strong performance. It has an 8-core 64 bit processor, providing strong computing support, and is equipped with an 8-channel 9-bit ADC, with a sampling rate of up to 1GHz. It can efficiently capture raw data of the LiDAR sensor and will also reduce the power consumption of the LiDAR by 50%. Li Bin stated on site that each self-developed pill can reduce costs by several hundred yuan, and NIO aims to reduce long-term costs through research and development.

Among them, NIO has released the first intelligent car operating system in China, “SkyOS”, covering the entire vehicle system, assisted driving, intelligent cockpit, connectivity service replenishment, and mobile connectivity. According to the plan, the full functional mass production of the SkyOS will be implemented on the NT3 platform model. SkyOS can solve the problem of software and hardware service integration, security, real-time performance, and application complexity in different domains through a 1+4+N technology cluster. The first chip product of NIO Research, the LiDAR main control chip “Yang Jian”, defines richer point cloud features for AD and provides better support for complex scenes; At the same time, it has higher integration, lower energy consumption, and stronger performance, and is in a leading position in the field of laser radar main control chips.

NIO Link, as a panoramic mobile internet technology centered around cars, achieves the integration of various devices, including NIO Phone, through a mobile internet technology system that integrates software and hardware, cloud collaboration, full link security, and openness. It creates a better mobile internet experience around users’ car life. In addition, NIO’s mass-produced intelligent driving and cockpit cross domain integration domain control CCC have been announced for the first time, which can achieve computing power call between ADAM NIO’s supercomputing platform and 8155 chip, supporting cross domain and low latency sharing of perception data, further improving the user’s intelligent cockpit experience.

NIO Intelligent Cockpit has released an “App Store”, with over 40 apps scheduled to be launched on September 22nd. As of the end of September, the “App Store” is expected to have over 40 apps launched.

New breakthrough in NOP + enhanced navigation assistance driving function

In addition, NIO officially announced that the NOP + enhanced navigation assistance driving function will enter the urban area from the highway, providing a point-to-point intelligent driving experience for all areas through “road opening”. The goal is to achieve the goal of “not relying on high-precision maps and being accessible nationwide”.

According to statistics, NIO Navigation Assistance has helped users drive a total of 500 million kilometers, of which the cumulative mileage of Navigation Assistance has exceeded 400 million kilometers; Enhanced navigation assistance has exceeded 100 million kilometers in cumulative mileage. At present, the proportion of driving time for NIO users on different road sections is 23.1% on highways and urban expressways; Urban roads account for 76.9%. In order to further free up user time, NIO NOP+enhanced navigation assistance will enter the urban area.

Highlights of NIO Phone?

NIO Phone has also been released in three versions, priced between 6499 and 7499 yuan, and supports partial NIO point payments; We also offer separate payment guarantee services and cloud services. Starting from today, it will be available for sale and will be shipped gradually from September 28th.

This phone offers Performance Edition, Ultimate Edition, and EP Edition, with the Performance Edition color coming from the exterior color of NIO Motors and the Ultimate Edition color coming from the interior of the model.

According to the information released on site, the NIO Phone core chip adopts the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8Gen 2 leading version. According to public information, the Snapdragon 8Gen 2 leading version chip specification adopts an 8-core CPU configuration of 1 X3 super core, 2 A715 large cores, 2 A710 large cores, and 3 A510 small cores. The GPU is the Andreno 740. Compared to the standard version, the leading version has increased the ultra large core frequency from 3.2GHz to 3.36GHz, and the GPU frequency has also been increased from 680MHz to 719MHz.

In terms of storage, NIO Phone offers 12G and 16G of running memory, as well as 512G and 1TB of body memory for consumers to choose from. Meanwhile, the phone features a 6.81-inch curved screen made of Samsung E6 luminescent material, with a 2K resolution and support for a variable refresh rate of 1-120Hz. Of course, in addition to the processor and screen, the camera is also the most important concern for users. The NIO Phone is equipped with three cameras, with a main camera, ultra wide angle, and periscope telephoto of 50 million pixels, a main camera sensor area of 1/1.28 inches, and a wide angle and telephoto sensor of 1/1.56 inches. All three cameras can be used as main cameras.

NIO Phone is a mobile phone designed for NIO car owners, which has made multiple innovations in a car centric mobile experience. NIO Phone is based on NIO Link – NIO Panoramic Interconnection Technology, integrating mobile phones and smart electric vehicles. Equipped with UWB ultra wideband technology, it can completely replace car keys and support no electrolytic lock within 48 hours.

There is a NIO Link car control key pioneered by NIO on the left side of the body, with 30 driver connectivity functions that can be accessed directly with one click. For example, quickly checking the vehicle status and parking position, easily unlocking and locking the vehicle, lowering and lifting the windows, opening the trunk, remote adjustment of the air conditioning, etc. Even when the phone is offline, functions such as unlocking, opening the trunk, flashing and honing the lights, summoning the vehicle, and remote parking can be achieved. NOMI is not absent on the phone either.

In the cabin, the NIO Phone can automatically switch the car control card based on the phone’s seat, accurately adjust various seat functions and zone air conditioning, and also assist other passengers in adjusting. Wake up your phone’s NOMI, use voice to remotely control the car, query the charging and changing station in one sentence, and send a one click appointment for changing the battery to the car, among other functions. For the all-new ES8 users, NIO Phone also offers an exclusive administrative island car control mode.

NIO Phone supports cross end circulation of mobile phones and mobile devices, greatly facilitating users in gaming, video conferencing, and other scenarios. For business scenarios, super conferences can automatically flow to the car terminal after boarding, and can also call on the hardware in the car, bringing a better mobile conference experience. NIO Link games can also be played on the central control screen, paired with the 7.1.4 immersive sound system, to enjoy an immersive audio and visual experience. With the support of NIO Link NIO Panoramic Interconnection Technology, NIO Phone will continue to increase cross end applications, achieving true integration of software and hardware, and opening up the imagination of mobile phones and smart car cabins.