NIO release latest plan for NIO Power, 50 new power stations to be added


Last March 27, NIO Automobile released the latest plan for NIO Power for this year via a media online conference. The plan includes the launch of 100kWh battery packs in the fourth quarter, the continued promotion of exclusive Quick filling piles and version 2.0 NIO exclusive piles; and increasing the number of power stations.

NIO expects that the 100kWh battery pack to be launched at Q4 would be the 100kWh liquid-cooled thermostatic battery pack. This battery pack will enable the increase in the range of NIO ES8 models to 580 kilometers; while for the ES6 models range to exceed 600 kilometers.

The company will also launch version 2.0 of NIO’s household charging pile in June of this year. The charging pile is a new 20kWh household DC charging pile. A 100kWh battery pack will only take over five hours to fill. In addition, NIO Automobile will also invest in the construction of 50 new replacement stations.

Shen Fei, vice president of power management for NIO, said that the company will upgrade the 1.0 version of the power station for 2020. The 2.0 version needs no lifting; the driver can sit inside the car to change the power; and also has lower cost.

NIO Automobile currently has 25 supercharging stations and 188 supercharging piles as of March 2020. Shen Fei expressed in the online conference that NIO’s energy supplement methods will be based on power replacement and supplemented by overcharge.