NIO Register EF9 Trademark or for High-End MPV Model


We learned from the Trademark Announcement of the State Intellectual Property Office that NIO has registered a brand-new model trademark—EF9. According to the previous NIO product plan, NIO EF9 may be a pure electric MPV model, and is expected to be positioned in the high-end market.

In August 2018, NIO revealed its new product plan in the IPO prospectus. At that time, it planned 5 new models, including the NIO ES3 which is positioned as a compact SUV, the NIO ET5 which is positioned as a crossover Coupe, and the positioning car. The NIO ET3 and ET7 and the NIO EF9, which is positioned as an MPV model. The trademark “EF9” registered this time corresponds exactly to the MPV products among them.


Judging from the car name law of NIO, the larger the number, the higher the level, and the “9” should represent the high-end or flagship model, such as the EP9, which is positioned as a top supercar. Therefore, the rival of NIO EF9 is expected to be Toyota Alpha or even Lexus LM. However, the current information about NIO EF9 has not revealed much. Who do you think will be the competitor of this new EV?