NIO issued a statement: “NIO EC6 explosion” is a rumor


June 9th, NIO Automobile issued a statement in the early morning that anonymous persons posted multiple rumors against NIO on the online platform on June 7th to 8th, the anonymous persons continuously used pictures of other brands’ spontaneous combustion, fabricated rumors that the incident in the picture was the NIO EC6, and claimed that there were casualties, and even lied to the Jiading (Shanghai) police to confuse the audience.

NIO issued a statement: "NIO EC6 explosion" is a rumor

NIO said that the content released by the anonymous person about NIO EC6 was deliberately fabricated and was malicious harm to NIO and employees.

In addition, NIO also said that In view of the fact that this behavior has caused extremely bad influence on NIO’s corporate reputation, NIO has taken the necessary legal measures to protect its own rights and interests.

NIO issued a statement: "NIO EC6 explosion" is a rumor

According to the data, EC6 is the third mass-produced EV on NIO Day on December 28 last year, and it is also its first coupe SUV model.

As the third mass-produced model launched by NIO after ES8 and ES6, NIO EC6 can be regarded as a slip-back version of ES6. Compared with ES6, it has a stronger sense of movement. it has a maximum NEDC range of 615km, which surpassed ES6 and ES8 models. It is reported that NIO EC6 will be on sale in July and then delivered in September.