NIO ET7 Spied Road Testing, Coming in 2022


Earlier in January 2021, NIO has announced that it will be launching an all-new model named NIO ET7 in 2022. The EV was announced by William Li Bin, NIO’s Chief Executive, on 2020 NIO day at Chengdu. It resembles a lot of its concept model, which was showcased in the year 2019. Now a Chinese Weibo user spotted the testing vehicle of the upcoming NIO ET7, and he shared some images. Although the EV is in camouflage, you can see the design of the same. It follows the style of other NIO vehicles.


The new ET7!

NIO ET7 without camouflage

The due date for delivery is in Q1 of 2022 and is not far away from now. The pricing of the new EV will start from 448,000 Yuan and will rival models like Tesla Model S. It is longer than Tesla Model S by 5 inches. Even it looks like a Tesla Model S, i.e., it has a coupe design. The dimensions of car are 5098 x 1987 x 1505mm (L x W x H). NIO said that the ET7 would have two electric motors, i.e., one in front and another in the rear, which will produce around 644 HP and 850 NM of torque.

Battery & other details!

Each of these will come with different battery options, i.e., 70kWh, 100kWh, and 150kWh options. According to NEDC, the vehicle ranges up to 500KM, 700KM, and 1000KM, and it depends upon the variant you choose. Please make a note that the ET7 with 150kWh (Extended Edition) will be available only during the Q4 of 2022.

NIO has also introduced a battery swapping program by which you can swap batteries within 5 minutes. It will help you to reduce travel time. It nearly takes at least 1 hour to charge the battery, while it takes only 5 minutes for battery swapping. The advantage of this program is that it will help you reduce your cost and save a lot of time. With that, we come to the end of the article; stay tuned for news like this. Please do consider sharing our article with your friends. You can read about EVs by clicking here.