NIO applied for the registration of “NIO PHONE” mobile phone trademark


According to the Qichacha App (a mobile phone application in China), NIO Automobile Co., Ltd. applied for the registration of the “NIO PHONE” trademark, which is an international classification of 9 scientific instruments. The current trademark status is under registration application.

In July 2022, Li Bin, CEO of NIO Automobile, once revealed that the company was promoting the mobile phone business. At the NIO Day 2022 event held in December 2022, Li Bin once again stated that NIO mobile phones are already being manufactured, and plan to develop one new model every year like Apple. According to earlier revelations, the NIO mobile phone has been launched and is positioned as a high-end flagship line, which will be officially released in 2023 at the earliest.

Some users checked the demo of NIO mobile phone before, saying that NIO mobile phone was completely designed according to the standard of iPhone. According to the previously released information, the price of NIO’s first mobile phone will exceed 5,000 yuan, and may even be more than 7,000 yuan, and it will be a bar-type phone. In addition, Li Bin also said that the NIO mobile phone would be “the mobile phone of the best matching degree with NIO vehicle”, and the NIO mobile phone will collide with the NIO car to create more “smart gameplay”.

Reminiscent of the previous Chinese auto brand giant Geely’s stake in the smartphone brand Meizu Technology, and the Chinese mobile phone brand Xiaomi and the home appliance brand Skyworth turned around and started making cars. Smart cars and networking have begun to develop rapidly in China, future cars will gradually develop towards intelligence.