NIO and Mobileye Reached Cooperation Layout Travel Service


Recently, we learned from relevant channels that NIO officially entered into a strategic cooperation with the autopilot technology company Mobileye, the two parties will jointly build the L4 autopilot model and deploy the global intelligent travel service field.

We learned from NIO official that NIO and autonomous driving technology company Mobileye officially announced a strategic cooperation, the two sides will build an L4-class autonomous driving model based on NIO’s second-generation vehicle platform. Among them, Mobileye will be responsible for providing the Mobileye EyeQ® system chip and related software, NIO will be responsible for the development, integration and mass production of vehicle-level autopilot systems.


It is reported that the NIO ES8 has been equipped with the Mobileye EyeQ4 chip. For this in-depth cooperation, NIO will build a model for the smart travel service for Mobileye based on the production model of the 2nd-gen platform (or not only the ES8 model). Mobileye will purchase the model in bulk. It is reported that the smart travel service will be deployed globally, including the Chinese market.