New patent shows NIO’s new car to be equipped with co-driver entertainment screen


Recently, NIO obtained a patent called ” Adaptive Backup Structure For Airbag Support ” in the United States. It uses a special airbag pop-up method to avoid direct collision between the co-pilot and the instrument panel in an accident. From the patent picture, we can see that a screen is designed on the instrument panel directly in front of the front passenger seat, which indicates that NIO is studying how to bring the same security guarantee as the traditional model for the models equipped with the front passenger entertainment screen.

This patent was filed by NIO in December 2019 and officially announced in May 2020. From the exposed patent picture, we can see that the front passenger entertainment screen is not completely fixed on the instrument panel but can be tilted to the main driver’s seat at a certain angle. In order to ensure the safety of the first-passenger passengers, NIO designed a structural airbag to fill the space between the instrument panel and the first-passenger passengers in the accident to ensure safety.

It is worth mentioning that we found that the model cited in this patent picture is a sedan, and currently NIO has only launched the concept version of NIO ET pure electric car, combined with the previous possibility of NIO news of the launch of the “next generation” car at the end of this year, we speculate that this car may be NIO ET7, and it may be equipped with a co-driver entertainment screen. The design of the co-driver entertainment screen has appeared on the Leading Ideal ONE and Porsche Taycan, and it may become a more common value-added configuration in the automotive market in the future.