Moving to Hefei to work with JAC? NIO President: Core stays in Shanghai


In a recent interview with NIO Automobile co-founder and president, Qin Lihong, expressed that the NIO China Headquarters project does not involve the relocation of companies and personnel, the Shanghai NIO Global Headquarters will not be relocated to Hefei, and that the core personnel will continue to stay in Shanghai. This statement runs counter to an agreement signed by the company with the Hefei Municipal Government stating that NIO plans to establish its China Headquarters, establish R & D, sales, and production bases, as well as build a Chinese headquarters operating system in Hefei. At the present time, the functional departments of R & D, operations, user, development, and finance of NIO Automobile are working at the Shanghai NIO Automobile Global Center.

Qin Lihong, NIO President

The NIO China headquarters project plans to raise 14.5 billion yuan for the company’s R & D, establishment of market system and operations.  1 billion yuan is earmarked for building the headquarters and R & D base and 1.5 billion yuan for a second production base. NIO China expects revenue of 14.8 billion yuan in 2020 (3 models listed), 120 billion yuan in 2024 (listed 6-8 models), total revenue of 420 billion yuan from 2020 to 2025, and total tax revenue of 7.8 billion Yuan, listed on the science and technology board before 2025.


NIO Automobile reformed its organizational structure in October 2019. Executive vice president, Shen Feng, leads the quality, procurement, and manufacturing logistics operation team.  Senior vice president, Zhong Wanli, is responsible for the procurement team and reports to Shen Feng.  Executive vice president, Zhou Xin leads the product and project management team.  Zhou Xin also assists CEO Li Bin in coordination work with product development teams.  Senior Vice President Huang Chendong is in charge of the electric power engineering team and reports directly to the CEO.

Apart from a production base in Hefei, the company also has R & D and manufacturing bases in Nanjing, Kunshan, Changsu, and Shanghai.  Its Nanjing plant is the manufacturing base of Welai Sandian System, the core of the company’s electric vehicles manufacture.

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