Deepen new retail, NIO and Suning cross-border cooperation


The popularity of new automotive retail is giving birth to more cross-border cooperation. On August 5th, NIO and Suning signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two parties will establish a long-term strategic partnership, focusing on the development of NIO Space’s store expansion, product sales, Suning commercial and hotel project charging pile construction, and brand cooperation promotion.

It is reported that the cooperation between the two parties covers multiple areas. In the future, Suning Plaza will promote the construction of NIO House and NIO Space exhibition halls; in terms of intelligent manufacturing, it will seek cooperation entry points around Suning cloud services, software services, and related terminal intelligent hardware, combined with Suning’s cross-brand, cross-category smart home and NIO’s Internet of Vehicles, establish new user connections, and create a spatial interconnection and connection between cars and homes. Regarding Suning Hotel cooperation, NIO members can enjoy platinum membership rights at Suning Hotel. In addition, Suning offline scenes such as Suning Plaza, Suning Tesco Cloud Store, and Suning Hotel will also work with NIO to build a charging pile service system.

Suning is a leading enterprise in China’s retail industry. In recent years, it has continued to make efforts in the field of new retail innovation models. Automobiles are also a relatively important sector. With the popularization of new automotive retail concepts in the automotive industry, auto companies have cooperated with new retail companies. So far, Suning has cooperated with a number of car companies, including FAW, BAIC, Brilliance, GWMW Baojun, etc., in an effort to open up online and offline channel advantages and traffic advantages.

From the very beginning, NIO has practiced new automotive retail and continued to promote the integration of online apps and offline direct sales models to create a sales and service model that is different from traditional 4S stores. So far, NIO has opened 136 stores across the country, including 22 NIO Centers and 114 NIO Spaces, and its sales network has covered 87 cities across the country. At the same time, NIO continues to deploy power stations and has built 141, covering 64 cities. Data show that NIO delivered 3,533 vehicles in July, an increase of 322.1% year-on-year.