Another 141 layoffs! NIO’s North American Staff Numbers Drop Sharply by 42%


NIO lays off workers for the third time in the United States. According to reports, on December 11, a new document submitted by NIO to the Employment Development Department of California showed that its North American headquarters laid off 141 employees again, mainly in R&D and engineering positions.

According to JoAnn Yamani, the head of communication for NIO North America, NIO has contracted the automotive engineering and electric driveline departments, and this layoff is mainly for the autonomous driving team. In May this year, NIO laid off 70 people in the United States and closed an office in San Francisco; in September, NIO laid off another 62 people. It is reported that at the beginning of the year, NIO had a total of 640 employees in the United States.

Shrinking US jobs will help NIO reduce costs. The financial report shows that in the first half of 2019, NIO had a net loss of 5.966 billion yuan. Since 2016, NIO has accumulated losses of approximately 23.2 billion yuan. In recent times, NIO has laid off its global workforce from nearly 10,000 to about 7,800, and sold its electric formula racing team.

Data show that from January to November, NIO delivered a total of 17,395 units. A total of 8,986 units of NIO ES6 were delivered, and a total of 8,499 units of NIO ES8 were delivered. The relatively good market performance has improved NIO’s cash flow.