Jinkang SERES To Sell Its First EV SERES SF5 in China, Offer Both Pure Electric and Extended Version


One more Chinese EV startup started to sell its new EV. The Jinkang SERES (formerly known as SF Motors) has officially opened pre-sale for its first EV, SERES SF5. SERES SF5 is available in both pure electric version and extended program plug-in hybrid version, it was debuted on 2019 Shanghai International Auto Show, price range of SERES SF5 ranges from 278,000 to 458,000 yuan (~US$39,194 – US$64,572), delivery is scheduled to begin in the third quarter of this year. As a startup new brand, the price of SERES SF5 is not cheap.

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The appearance of SERES SF5 continues the design of the previous concept car, features the family-style design concept of “life natural aesthetics”, SERES SF5 features a sporty style, the body lines are very simple, the daytime running lights in the shape of the double Sigma (∑), very beautiful, and the shape and structure of the full LED headlights are also very scientific.

Jump to interior, SERES SF5 has more highlights, the central control vertical screen is very attractive, with a size of 17 inches. In addition, it can be seen that the car uses a dual-spoke multi-function steering wheel and features a full LCD instrument. In the interior design, the new car concentrates all functions on the central control panel (or voice operation), and there are no extra physical buttons in the car at all.

SERES SF5 features Alibaba’s latest AliOS 2.0 car networking system, sharing Ali ecology. In the future, it is possible to realize more convenient functions such as AR intelligent navigation and one-button payment in the car, which is convenient for the owner to use the vehicle more safely and conveniently.

In terms of power, SERES SF5 pure electric version has maximum power of 510kW (683hp), maximum torque of 1040 Nm, 0-100 km/h acceleration time of 3.5 seconds, and NEDC working range of up to 500 km. The extended version will be equipped with OBC and V2V mutual charging system, which can provide power for home appliances and other electric vehicles.

The parent company of SERES is SOKON, SOKON invested 30 million US dollars in 2016 and officially established SF Motors in Silicon Valley, USA. This company planed to manufacture and sell car in both US and China, Since SOKON is facing a complex automobile market environment in China, the launch of electric vehicles in the United States was suspended.