Jinkang SERES Released Its First Electric SUV: SERES SF5, Range up to 310miles


Another freshman of Chinese EV automaker Jinkang SERES (The former SF Motors) launched its first all-electric vehicle SERES SF5 during 2019 Shanghai Auto Show. SERES SF5 is positioned in a medium-sized electric SUV, two variants are available for SF5: SF5 EV(All-Electric Version) and SF5 EVR (Electric Range Extended Version), each of them offers both front and all-wheel drive versions. Among them, All-Electric Version is powered by SERES’s self-developed dual-motor intelligent four-wheel drive system, which can achieve maximum power of 510kW and maximum torque of 1040N·m. The 0-100km acceleration time is only 3.5s and the range of All-Electric Version is longer than 310miles(500km). SERES SF5 also announced its pre-sale price, starts at 278,000 end at 458,000 yuan (~US$40,749 – 67,133), the new car is expected to be officially launched in the third quarter 2019.

The front face adopts the current popular closed grille. The “Sigma” daytime running lights on both sides are taken from the Greek letter “Σ”, which gives the front face a more horizontal stretch. It is reported that the difference of the two variants are reflected in the front face. The front face of the SF5 EVR version is a matrix-graded diamond shape, while the SF EV version is smooth overall.

The tail is designed with a through-type taillight, the lines are full and round, shape is simple. The concealed door handle is still airfoil, very strong sense of future. The five-piece wheels are polished with a piano-painted black design for a stylish and sophisticated look. Size of SERES SF5
4700/1930/1629mm and wheelbase of 2,875 mm.

In terms of power, the maximum power of SERES SF5 EV and SF5 EVR version are 510kW (683HP), the peak torque is 1040N·m, and the acceleration time of 0-100km/h is 3.5 seconds and 4.8 seconds respectively, the top speed is 250km/h and 230km/h respectively, among which the NEDC cruising range of the SF5 EV version is more than 310miles(500km), the OBC and V2V charging system equipped with the new car can supply power for home appliances as well as other electric vehicles.

The battery group of SERES SF5 EV version is equipped with a liquid-cooled power battery, capacity of 92kWh, energy density reached 160Wh/kg, composed of 21700 cylindrical batteries.

SERES SF5 EVR version is a ranger extender vehicle based on pure electric, SF5 EVR version has an extra engine to continuously charge the battery group, thereby effectively solving the cruising range problem.
SF5 EVR version offers both front-wheel and all-wheel drive, it will be equipped with 1 or 2 drive motor respectively. The max. power of the extender engine (SFG15TR, 1.5T) is 83kW, while the max. power of drive motor is 85kW. The all-electric range reaches 193miles(150km), after starting the range-extended assist, the energy recovery reaches 35%.

The new car will be powered by Alibaba’s Ali OS 2.0 car networking system and will be equipped with L2 level autopilot system.

In terms of safety, the design of SERES SF5 meets the US U-NCAP and IIHS-TSP standards, the European E-NCAP five-star standard, and the Chinese C-NCAP five-star standard. The former name of SERES is SF Motors which is a US-based company, thus, SERES plans to sell its EVs to worldwide.

About SF MORTORS (The former SF Motors)

In 2016, Sokon Industry Group invested US$30 million to establish SF Motors in Silicon Valley, USA. The company announced that it is engaged in the design, development, production and sales of smart electric vehicles. However, the main development mode is based on the acquisition of mature overseas assets. In June 2017, SF announced the acquisition of a US automotive solution integration supplier AM General’s (AMG) civilian car plant for US$10 million.

In October 2017, SF acquired a 100% stake in InEVit, a US-based electric vehicle battery system R&D and design company, for US$33 million. Martin Eberhard, one of the founders of InEVit, was the first CEO of Tesla, he is also one of the founders of Tesla.

Another heavyweight partner of SF Motors is Tang Yifan, chief technology officer of SF Motors. He was involved in the design of Tesla’s first generation of electric sports cars Roadster and Model S. He is also the designer of Tesla Model X AWD prototype.

On May 31, 2018, SOKON announced that it had transferred 100% stake of SF MOTORS to Chongqing Jinkang New Energy Automobile.

Chongqing Jinkang New Energy Automobile is also a wholly-owned subsidiary of SOKON Industry Gruop, which was established in Chongqing in September 2012 with a registered capital of 4 billion yuan. Jinkang Automobile was awarded the qualification of new energy passenger vehicle production on January 5, 2017. It is the 8th company approved for the production of new energy passenger vehicles.

Therefore, SF Motors (JinKang SERES in China) has the same capacity in both China and the United States, it can achieve the same price in China and the United States, so that it will be not affected by the trade between the two countries.

On March 28, 2018, SF Motors made the world debut for its first electric car SF5 in Santa Clara, USA.

SOKON Industry Group

Chongqing Sokon Industry Group was established in 1986, initially starting with the sale of electrical springs and micro-car seat cushion springs. At the beginning of the 21st century, the whole vehicle manufacturing industry began. It is currently an automobile manufacturing enterprise mainly engaged in engines, new energy vehicles and automobile vehicles.

Zhang Zhengping, founder and CEO of SF Motors, is the son of Zhang Xinghai, the chairman of Sokon Industry Group.