JETOUR Released Its First All Electric SUV: JETOUR X70S EV, Range up to 279miles


JETOUR debuted its first all electric SUV model: JETOUR X70S EV on the recently opened 2019 2019 Shanghai Auto Show. The new car is the first new energy model from JETOUR production line, the appearance and interior basically continue the design of JETOUR X70S, it offers 2 variants on range 249miles(401km) and 279miles(450km).

In appearance, JETOUR X70S EV adopts a star-shaped medium grille, the frame is surrounded by chrome-plated decorative strips. The sharp eagle-eye LED headlights are combined with the dot matrix LED daytime running lights below. In addition, the front grille and daytime running lights are all decorated with blue trim to highlight the exclusive features of new energy vehicle.

The interior of JETOUR X70S EV is dominated by black, using a three-spoke multi-function flat-bottom steering wheel, the floating-style central control LCD screen is fashionable. The through-type air conditioning air outlet stretches the visual feel of the entire interior. The electronic gear lever on JETOUR X70S’s is replaced by a more technical electronic knob shift on the X70S EV. The shift knob is equipped with function buttons.

JETOUR X70S EV will introduce two models with different cruising range of 249miles(401km) and 279miles(450km). The maximum power of the motor is 125kW (167HP), the peak torque is 300N·m, and the maximum speed is 140km/h. JETOUR X70S EV supports both fast and slow charging mode as well as external discharge function, it can provide 220V external power supply for household appliances, greatly improving the convenience of traveling.


“JETOUR” (Chinese “捷途”) is a sub-brand launched by Chery Holding Group., it was released by Chery Holding Group in Beijing on January 22th 2018.

The JETOUR brand is taken from the English “JET”+”TOUR”, meaning convenient + journey, literal translation “convenient journey”.

Based on the accumulation of Chery‘s 20-year vehicle technology and the deep insight into the new generation of consumers under the normalization of leisure tourism, the Internet ecology and the second-child policy, JETOUR production line will focus on a series of models covering SUV/MPV/EV. In 2019, JETOUR will launch four new models, including: JETOUR X90, JETOUR X70S EV, JETOUR X70 coupe and JETOUR X95.