All-New Ford Mondeo Made Global Debut in China


On January 17th, Ford China Design Center ushered in the online opening. At this event, Ford’s new-generation Mondeo made its world premiere. This is also the first time that Ford’s “potential energy aesthetics” family design concept has been applied to sedan products. The new car will be launched within 2020, the China spec with be produced in Changan-Ford.

As a masterpiece of American sedan, Ford Mondeo has always been well-known by the Chinese people. After the current model was launched for nearly 9 years, a new generation of models ushered in the global debut in China. Compared with the previous model,

The all new Mondeo is featured by Ford’s new family design style, and the shape is more sporty and sci-fi. the popular bar-type LED headlights is featured, and the overall style is somewhat similar to the Ford EVOS.

From the side, the new-generation Mondeo maintains a powerful body line. The double waistline design and the high window line shape make the new car look full and heavy. At the same time, the black roof design makes the whole car present a two-tone body. In addition, the new car will also provide hidden door handles and up to 19-inch wheels.

In contrast, the new car continues the short tail design, the visual effect is similar to the fastback style, and the heavy tail presents a distinct sense of hierarchy. The family-style taillight group shape complements the Ford Mustang, and presents a stronger sporty temperament through the blackening effect. Although the new car adopts a hidden scheduling layout, the exhaust shape is still outlined below by a chrome trim strip.

In terms of size, the Ford Mondeo China Spec has a length, width and height of 4935/1875/1500mm and a wheelbase of 2945mm. Compared with the current model, the overall size is larger, and the wheelbase is even closer to that of the high-level Ford Taurus. However, the official interior design of the new car has not yet been announced this time. We expect that it will have many technological configurations, its space performance should be satisfactory.

In terms of power, although the official did not disclose specific information, according to the tail of the new car and the previous declaration information of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the new generation of Mondeo will be equipped with a 2.0T ECOBOOST engine with a maximum power of 238 horsepower. It’s an 8-speed manual gearbox.

For the Chinese market, this move by Ford is not accidental. Since the implementation of the “localization” strategy from 2019, Ford’s market balance has gradually begun to tilt towards Chinese consumers. Looking back on the past 2021, the total sales volume of Ford in China was close to 625,000 units, a year-on-year increase of 3.7%, of which the annual sales of Ford brand passenger vehicles were nearly 238,000 units, and SUVs and high-end sedans contributed over 70%.

And under the dual crisis of the global epidemic and the shortage of chips, China is the only market that Ford has achieved substantial growth in the world, so for Ford Motor, the potential of the Chinese market is huge.