Who Should You Call as Soon as Possible After an Accident Has Occurred?


Immediately following a car accident, those moments are a whirlwind of confusion. There are many things you need to do, but what do you do first?

If you, your passengers, or other drivers are severely injured, the first call you must make is to 911. But that won’t be the only call you will need to make as soon as possible after the accident. You’ll need to make other calls or have them made on your behalf.

Call the Police

When a car accident has occurred, and there are injuries, you must call the police. Officers are trained to stay calm in situations like this. In fact, they can help you get the emergency medical treatment you need.

You may not think that you have any injuries, but often, latent injuries can be revealed in the coming days. Plus, calling the police helps you document your case with clear details for your insurance company, which you will also need to call to report the accident.

Call Emergency Services

If you are capable of doing so, you can also call emergency services yourself. Request an ambulance for anyone that is severely injured. If you have catastrophic injuries, the police, other drivers, or witnesses will likely call an ambulance to assist you.

In some cases, the paramedics may be able to treat you on the scene and release you. Other times, you may need to be transported to the emergency room to get the necessary care.

Call Your Family

After a car accident has occurred, you will want to notify your family if you can. Emergency services and police can also help if your injuries are severe. They will help your loved ones get to you and be by your side.

Call a Doctor

Whether you have to stay in the hospital after your accident or you are cleared to go home, you should always follow up with the right medical care. These details can further document your injuries for your claims.

However, it’s important to be seen by the right doctor. If you are rushed to the hospital and treated, the doctors there will likely advise you on which specialist you should see to follow up on your recovery.

After the emergency room, the next doctor you need to see will be the right medical specialist to help you recover. The specialist you see will depend on the nature of your injuries. Some people will go to their primary care physician first to get a referral, but a clinic specializing in treating car accident victims may be the best place to go. This is because they will have many specialists devoted to your recovery.

You may need a neurologist or a neurosurgeon for your head injuries. You may also need interventional pain management, chiropractic care, or physical therapy. It’s important to remember that not every car accident injury results in a gaping wound, which is why these specialists may be instrumental in giving you the care you need.

For example, you may need physical therapy to handle the symptoms of whiplash or soft tissue injuries. When scar tissue builds up, or muscles are strained so much that you can’t move freely, physical therapy is needed to reduce the pain and restore muscle movement. A physical therapist will use special techniques and therapies over time to treat you and assist with your recovery.

Why Go to a Car Accident Clinic?

Car accidents that destroy your car are bound to leave you with an injury. While you may have a doctor you can visit, a car accident clinic is a better option. At the hospital, you will most likely be advised to see a specialist as you begin the long road to recovery. Car accident clinics have doctors that work with accident victims and are familiar with the types of injuries that result from crashes. They can also work with your insurance company while keeping a consistent log of details to document your treatment.

Visiting a car accident clinic also eliminates a step. You’re bound to be tired of talking to doctors at the hospital. Going to just one place that helps you continue your recovery is far easier. This is especially true if you need both chiropractic care and neurological treatments.An accident clinic in Miami – Icon Medical Center – can be instrumental in your care and recovery following your car accident. If you or someone you love has been in a car crash, you should look to your future after you get emergency medical treatment. Keeping all your treatments in one place will save you time and allow you to focus fully on getting your life back.