4 Useful Tips for Riding an E-Bike for the First Time


Buying your first e-bike is an exciting experience. You cannot wait for it to arrive and to go on your first ride. But there are a few things you need to learn first. Hopefully, you have researched the bike thoroughly before you purchased it. Then, you will have to get used to how it feels and what all of the features are in person.

Image credit: ecobikecompany.com

There is no doubt that you are going to experience a lot of fun with your first e-bike. Here are some useful tips that can get you out on the road quickly.

Charge the Battery

If you are used to riding an ordinary bike, there is something that you might forget to do before your first ride. We are talking about charging the battery. This is a task that you will have to do before your journeys so that you can enjoy the motor. So, the night before a ride, make sure that you check the battery level. Often, this is going to be located on an LCD monitor on the bike. Then, you can charge the battery if it is low.

If you want to charge the battery less often, you will want to purchase an e-bike that has a good range. Check out Eco Bike Company for a range of different electric bikes you can buy. There are useful descriptions that can help you learn about the bikes and what they can offer you. Note that you may also want to pay attention to how long the bikes can take to charge, in addition to the range they offer.

Understand the Different Modes

Not like and electric vehicle, often, electric bikes will have a variety of different modes you can use. There can be an LCD monitor on the handles that will display these modes and it will be up to you to select the one that you want to use. Every model is going to be slightly different. But there are generally going to be at least two modes to expect.

One is going to be a fully manual mode. In other words, the motor will be off and you will have to pedal totally on your own. This is going to be useful if you want to work on your fitness and get no help, as well as when the battery has run out. Another mode you can expect is an assistance mode. This is when the motor is going to be on and assisting you on tough roads when you pedal. Get used to switching between all of the different modes so that you know how to make the most of them.

Build Your Speed Slowly

One of the great things about an electric bike is how it assists you with pedalling. You can get up to speed quickly and with little effort, particularly on smooth and flat roads. So, when you are riding an e-bike for the first time, it can be tempting to experience these high speeds since you do not have to work as hard for them.

However, you need to ignore this temptation and build your speed slowly. This is especially true if you are new to riding on the roads. If you are going faster than you are used to, you can be more likely to make mistakes. So, get used to how the bike feels at low speeds first. Then, you can build up to the maximum and feel confident controlling the bike.

Always Know the Brakes

It goes without saying that you should always know where your brakes are before you start riding a new bike. But, this is particularly true when it comes to electric bikes for a few reasons. For example, models can be heavier than ordinary bikes and what you are used to. When this is combined with the fact that you can travel at faster speeds, this is going to change when you brake and how hard you use them. It can take longer for you to stop, as well as the need for progressive braking if you are at high speed.

Therefore, test the brakes prior to cycling. Get used to how they feel and how responsive they are. It can help to know what type of brakes a bike has before you purchase the model. This way, you have all the information you need. Again, test the brakes at a slow speed and then gain more speed. Choose quiet roads or trails to begin with until you know exactly how they operate.