Confirmed? BYD Rumored Again to Supply Power Battery to Tesla


BYD has won a large battery order from Tesla”, and there have been these similar rumors almost every few months since last year, but BYD has never responded positively. But this time, Lian Yubo, executive vice president of BYD Group, said in an interview with Kui Yingchun, host of CGTN, that BYD is ready to provide batteries to Tesla.

BYD Blade Battery

At the beginning of August 2021, it is rumored that the important customer of FinDreams Battery (a BYD subsidiary) No. 56 is Tesla, and the installed capacity demand is in the dozens of GWh, and the first model to be installed may be the Model Y. In October 2021, relevant sources revealed that BYD has already won a 10GWh battery order from Tesla. According to the calculation of a 75kWh battery pack for a vehicle, 10GWh is expected to be equipped with 133,000 vehicles. In February 2022, there were rumors that BYD had won Tesla’s 204,000 battery orders, and will mass-produce it in March.

Wang Chuanfu, founder of BYD, said: “After 2-3 years of reform, we have finally emerged a batch of products that can be sold, such as compressors, power batteries. So we began to consider marketization 2.0. Marketization 1.0 is to sell products. 2.0 is to sell the company and let the capital market recognize it. BYD Semiconductor is already on the way to the market, and more business units will be listed in the future, and battery and motor drives are possible.”

Therefore, it is only a matter of time before FinDreams Battery provides batteries to other manufacturers on a large scale. According to incomplete statistics, FinDreams Battery has more than 30 cooperative users, including passenger cars and commercial vehicles. And Bengbu FinDreams Battery Co., Ltd. and Guiyang FinDreams Battery Co., Ltd., which were established in 2020, have already started mass production of batteries in vehicles last year. At the same time, important figures of BYD have repeatedly stated in public that FinDreams Battery and BYD Auto are separate. After settlement, FinDreams battery not only supplies BYD, but also supplies other manufacturers.

Secondly, last year and this year, international media reported that the Tesla Shanghai factory is undergoing upgrades and renovations. After completion, the production capacity of the Tesla Shanghai factory will reach an annual output of 1 million vehicles. Tesla’s production capacity has increased, and it is understandable to choose more suppliers to ensure stable production.

At present, BYD’s CTB integrated battery pack technology applied to the BYD Seal is worthy of attention. It can not only install more battery packs in a limited space, but also improve the torsional rigidity of the vehicle. So will BYD provide Tesla with this latest technology? We will also continue to monitor the progress of the cooperation between the two.