BYD Frigate 07 DM-i Hybrid Leaks: positioning mid-size SUV, pure electric range of 200km


Some information of BYD‘s new DM-i hybrid model Frigate 07 (Chinese name “护卫舰 07”) is now exposed, the vehicle is positioned in mid-sized SUV, some highlights are large space, strong power and cost-effective, it is expected to be listed in the first half of the year.

Style of this new car is flat, the waist is straight, the back row is equipped with privacy glass; it is powered by 1.5T four-drive super power, pure electric 200km long battery life; built-in 15.6-inch large screen, equipped with 12 speakers, support 5G network, carry BYD cloud service.

Last year BYD released the first new model of the Warship series — BYD Destroyer 05 (Chinese “驱逐舰 05”), all of which were all DM-i hybrid models. In addition to the Destroyer, BYD also registered several trademarks including “护卫舰”(“Guard Ship”), “登陆舰” (“Landing Ship”), “驱逐舰”( “Destroyer”) , “战列舰”(“Battleship”). Destroy 05 as a sister car of BYD Qin Plus DM-I, is expected to be listed at the end of this month.