Cooperating with Chery and JAC, Huawei Expands Smart Car Business


According to Chinese media reports, after the successful launch of AITO WENJIE M5 in cooperation with SERES, Huawei‘s smart car business plans to cooperate with Chery, JAC, ARCFOX, and other brands in the follow-up smart car business.

According to the plan, Chery will have at least two models to participate in the smart car business cooperation, JAC will have at least one smart car business, and ARCFOX will also have one smart car business.

At present, Huawei’s automotive business is divided into three categories. The first category is that new cars are equipped with Huawei HarmonyOS; the second category is the supply of modular solutions, such as the Huawei HI solution on ARCFOX; the third category is the in-depth cooperation with car makers such as SERES.

Chery WUJIE Pro

Taking AITO WENJIE M5, which Huawei has cooperated deeply with, as an example, it has achieved certain success in the market. According to the latest May sales list released by CPCA, it has sold 5,033 vehicles, ranking 8th among the list of new energy SUVs in the Chinese market, while the cumulative sales from January to May were 13,199 units.

Huawei has always claimed that it does not make cars, but in fact, it has never stopped making cars. First, it launched the first model of the AITO brand, the WENJIE M5, and then not long ago, it declared the second model, the M7. Up to now, in addition to the upcoming release of the M5e, it also plans to carry out in-depth cooperation with a number of brands to launch more models for different consumer groups, which shows that it is still very attractive in this field.