ARCFOX Alpha S5 Electric Sedan Launched in China with Prices Starting from $24,400


On June 15th, ARCFOX officially announced the launch of the Arcfox Alpha S5. This new EV is offered by 3 variants priced between 176,800 and 216,800 yuan (~US$24,400 – US$29,800). Positioned as a mid-sized vehicle, it offers three options for electric range: 560 km, 650 km, and 708 km. The official 0-100 km/h acceleration time is 3.7 seconds, with a braking distance from 100-0 km/h of 33.5 meters.

Arcfox Alpha S5 continues the design language of the Arcfox family, featuring an overall sporty coupe style. The forward-leaning front hood combined with sharply styled headlights gives this car a strong and aggressive appearance. Below the front bumper, there is also an active intake grille that automatically opens and closes with the vehicle’s speed.

From the side, it offers the most visually appealing angle to showcase its coupe-like beauty. The car features frameless doors, concealed door handles, and smooth, rounded lines complemented by lemon yellow aluminum four-piston high-performance calipers, making it very eye-catching. According to official sources, its drag coefficient is 0.1925 Cd. In terms of dimensions, the new car measures 4820/1930/1480mm (length/width/height) with a wheelbase of 2900mm, positioning it in the mid-sized car category.

At the rear, Arcfox Alpha S5 is equipped with trendy through-type taillights. It also features a slightly raised ducktail design, along with elements such as an electric rear spoiler, smoked black rear bumper, and guiding lights, enhancing its sporty appeal even further.

Regarding the interior, Alpha S5 features an intelligent cockpit based on the Lingzhi OS, employing a 68-inch AR-HUD (Augmented Reality Head-Up Display) to replace the traditional instrument panel. The 15.6-inch central control screen integrates nearly all functions, powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip across all models. Additionally, the central screen supports joystick connectivity and Switch screen projection. The car also boasts a 7.1-channel 15-speaker 360-degree surround sound system, combined with a 1320W amplifier and a 400W Thunder Hammer 10-inch subwoofer, transforming the car interior into a mobile concert hall at any time.

In terms of driving assistance features, the vehicle is equipped with APA automatic parking, RPA remote parking, corner parking assist, track reversing/memory parking, and customizable parking options. Additionally, it will utilize a four-stage RS valve damping system, fully aluminum subframe, forged aluminum control arms, and hollow stabilizer bars to enhance vehicle handling.

Regarding power, the high-end versions of Arcfox Alpha S5 (708MAX and 650Ultra) utilize an 800V silicon carbide supercharging platform. The two-wheel-drive versions have motor powers of 185 kW and 200 kW respectively, with peak torque of 360 N·m, and CLTC ranges of 560 km and 708 km. Their 0-100 km/h times are 7.0 seconds and 6.8 seconds respectively.

The four-wheel-drive dual-motor version has a maximum power of 390 kW (530 horsepower) and maximum torque of 690 N·m. It is equipped with a 79.2 kWh ternary lithium battery provided by CATL, offering a CLTC range of 650 km, with a 15-minute charge capable of providing an additional 380 km of range. The official 0-100 km/h acceleration time is 3.7 seconds, with a braking distance from 100-0 km/h of 33.5 meters.