Geely’s First MPV Jiaji is ready in market, including PHEV, Mild Hybrid and Feul Models


The reputation of Geely Auto has been established very fast in recent years. Now it has been completely different from those of previous years. The models like Geely Vision Series, Geely Emgrand and Geely Bo Yue (Emgrand X7) are deeply loved by Chinese people. Geely has few opponents in terms of quality control and comfort at the same level.

Now Geely has successfully entered the MPV market. Perhaps it was the over-success of the Buick GL8 in the past few years. Many car makers are all envious of the eyes, so they have begun to enter the home MPV market, like GAC Trumpchi, BYD, SAIC Baojun. They are all relatively popular MPV car companies on market. Recently, Geely has also launched its total new MPV model Geely Jiaji (Code Name: VF11) with total 11 models, 6MT/AT, PHEV, Mild Hybrid, price covers from 99,800RMB to 182,800RMB

The front face of Geely Jiaji has an integrated suspension design, which is dynamic and fashionable, The highly recognizable family-style expanding cosmos grille identity, with a V-shaped chrome trim, cleverly blends with the meteor’s wing headlights on both sides to create a large V-sharp with a tension front face.

For interior layout, Geely Jiaji uses a panoramic space-time cockpit design with a 7-inch color LCD instrument, a 12.3-inch floating smart widescreen, and a 0.84m2 super-cloudy smart panoramic sunroof. Geely Jiaji also pioneered the parent-child model, equipped with I-sofa Rubik’s Cube seats, eco-cleaning cabins and other comfort configurations to facilitate family travel. It is worth mentioning that Geely Jiaji is also the first MPV model in China to achieve L2 level intelligent driving.

In terms of space, the length, width and height are 4706mm, 1909mm, 1690mm (PHEV version is 1713mm), wheelbase is 2805mm. Geely Jiaji will introduce three seat layout models, 2+2+2, 2+2+3, 2+3+2, to meet the space needs of each family. In the three seat layout models, the third row of seats can be reversed forward, the trunk volume can be expanded up to 845L. The 2+3+2 seat layout models can realize 1800L oversized luggage space after being put down at the same time. It also adopts the unique dual-channel access mode of the same level, which provides convenience for the third row of passengers to enter and exit.

In terms of power, Geely Jiaji will launch 1.5TD MHEV mild hybrid, 1.8TD fuel power and 1.5TD PHEV plug-in hybrid models. It is reported that Geely Jiaji is the first MPV to introduce hybrid power on the market, and it is also the first home MPV model covering three kinds of powers: traditional, light mixing and plug hybrid. Among them, 1.8TD engine has a maximum power of 135kW and a maximum torque of 300Nm, matching 6AT gearbox; mild hybrid version has a combined maximum power of 140kW and a combined maximum torque of 300Nm, matching 7DCT gearbox, fuel consumption of only 5.9L per 100km; The PHEV model has a combined maximum power of 190kW and a combined maximum torque of 385Nm. It is matched with a 7DCT gearbox, with a total fuel consumption of 1.6L per 100km and a pure battery life of 34.8miles (56km).