NIO’s second-gen home charging pile unveiled on 2020 Chengdu Auto Show


During the 2020 Chengdu Auto Show on July 24, 2020, NIO Home Charging Pile 2.0 (second-generation charging pile) has been officially unveiled. The rated power is the same as the outgoing one, but it has made many optimizations in detail. According to the official introduction, the second-gen home charging pile was designed with reference to the improvement suggestions of many NIO’s old users. Although the maximum charging power of the new charging pile is as same as the old charging pile, both are 7kW, the new one still has four improvements.

Compared with the old charging pile, the 2nd-gen new home charging pile is smaller in size, which makes it flexible to install; in addition, it adopts a split design, which can reduce the wire entanglement problem when taking up the wire; when encountering low voltage, the old charging pile will be suspended charging, while the new charging pile will reduce the current to avoid the suspension of charging; finally, the new charging pile also improved the emergency stop reset operation logic. In terms of user rights, the rights of the second-generation household charging piles are the same as those of the first-generation household charging piles.

At an online media communication meeting held by NIO in March 2020, NIO said that a 20kW household DC fast charging pile will be launched in 2020. After the DC fast charging pile is launched, users can choose between fast charging pile and home charging pile version 2.0.