NIO’s July Sales Interpretation: The Weaks are Pleased to Withdraw From the Market


The two models of NIO have accumulated total sales of 9,044 vehicles in January-July this year. In the current situation, NIO still has great pressure for the annual sales target of 4-5 thousand vehicles.

NIO Power

Recently, NIO released sales data for July. Among them, the latest model ES6 sales exceeded 1,000 units, while the ES8 sales volume dropped significantly, with 436 units sold in the month.

The NIO ES6 began to be delivered to users on June 18, 2019, the delivery volume for the first month was 413 units, it increased to 1066 units in July. The NIO ES6 is a mid-size SUV with a price range of 358,000-548,000 yuan and cruising range of 420-510 kilometers. The car has been sold for 1479 units since its delivery.

The NIO ES8, which sells for a price range of 448,000-506,000 yuan, has been affected by many spontaneous combustion events and related recall, which has caused the sales of NIO ES8 to decline from April 2019, the number of ES8 sold was 7,565 till now this year.

It is reported that NIO will make an obvious and targeted plan adjustment in the third/fourth quarter of 2019. From the data point of view, the delivery of ES6 will drive the overall sales increase, while the supply chain is also planning to reduce costs. It is expected that NIO will continue its downturn in the second half of the year, but as the ES6 is still in the process of digesting orders, the demand is expected to further increase, it will help to archive the annual sales target of 40,000 to 50,000 vehicles.

Although there are only two models, and the sales figures are not as amazing as those of traditional car companies, behind the scenes, we can still find a lot of information about the industry.

NIO ES8, the sales in July has been reduced compared to the previous period. For a number of comprehensive reasons, on one hand, NIO initiated the recall for the battery pack, on the other hand, NIO ES6 began to deliver, we think it requires transition time and adjustment time. In the past few months, the NIO ES8 has been able to deliver about 1,000 units per month in a stable manner. After the adjustment period, the subsequent sales results can show its true competitiveness.

NIO ES6, this car has been delivered since June this year, it has achieved one thousand units in July, which is a big advantage for the company, because the current delivery of the NIO ES6 is the Performance Edition, the price range of 398,000-448,000 yuan (before subsidies), NEDC cruising range has reached the mainstream level, 430-510 kilometers. In the coming September, the prospect of ES6 will be even better when the NIO ES6 Standard Edition is delivered (358,000-408,000 million yuan before subsidy, range of 410-480 kilometers)

So the delay of NIO ET7 is a new gameplay?

After the market test, NIO has already laid the high-end Chinese electric vehicle symbol of more than 300,000 yuan in the market, but only two models (which are the most among the three heads) are not enough. The new car plan is now basically clear, previously, Qin Lihong, co-founder and president said in an interview: “NIO will launch a new car next year and the following year, positioning lower than NIO ES6, the repeatedly unvieled ET7 will be postponed.”

The model that debuted on the new NIO DAY may be the NIO ET5, most of the parts are common with the most popular NIO ES6, and the price is even expected to be less than 300,000 yuan (~US$42,469). Of course, these are just our guesses, and we have to wait until NIO DAY to see the results.