NIO’s European plant to start operations in September


On July 29, Peter Sialto, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economic Affairs of Hungary, and Zhang Hui, Vice President of NIO Europe, jointly announced in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, that the NIO Energy Europe factory invested and constructed by NIO in Pest State, Hungary will be opened in September. put into operation.

The European factory of NIO Energy covers an area of about 10,000 square meters. It is the first factory built by NIO overseas. It is also the European manufacturing center, service center and R&D center for NIO power-on products. Its main business includes battery swap manufacturing and after-sales service, NIO European power-on business training, and research and development of power-on products. Its operation will improve the efficiency of NIO’s energy distribution and services in the European market, and bring a better car experience to European users.

After entering the Norwegian market, in the second half of this year, NIO’s products and system-wide services will be officially launched in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark. The commissioning of NIO Energy’s European plant will help NIO build its power-swap stations in the above-mentioned countries, and prepare local users to provide power-swapping and energy-replenishing services.