NIO and Razer Jointly Launched ES6 Night Explorer Limited Edition


On August 2nd, NIO ES6 Night Explorer Edition jointly launched by NIO and Razer was officially launched on ChinaJoy Razer booth, the pre-subsidy price started at 467,800 yuan (~US$67,418), the main specifications are the same as NIO ES6 Performance Edition. At present, this model is limited to 88 units, which can be booked online from now on in China.

NIO ES6 Night Explorer Edition

The NIO ES6 Night Explorer Edition Vehicle is built on the NIO ES6 Performance Edition, equipping NIO Pilot, NOMI Mate, enhanced displays and other high-tech appointments. These familiar NIO markers are complemented by an exclusive Razer design package that includes the classic Razer logo and trim, carbon fiber decals, green calipers, a custom rear emblem and design package.

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In terms of configuration, NIO ES6 Night Explorer Limited Edition is equipped with NIO Pilot, NOMI Mate, enhanced HUD display and other technical configurations.

The two companies will explore integrating Razer Chroma, Hue Lights and THX Spatial Audio with existing automotive technologies, bringing better quality and driving experiences to the discerning customer base of gamers through immersive ambient lighting effects and innovatively enhanced in-vehicle audio. NIO and Razer are devoted to creating a car dedicated to the influx of eSports players and enthusiasts.

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In terms of power, NIO ES6 Night Explorer and ES6 Performance Edition is the same, the system generates maximum power 400kW (536hp), maximum torque is 725N·m, 0-100km / h acceleration time is 4.7s, battery pack capacity of 70kWh, comprehensive range is 430km.