Chery Auto Debuted EXEED E-IUV Concept Car At 2019 Shanghai Auto Show


Chery’s high-end brand EXEED brought a new concept car on 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, the EXEED E-IUV, the new car styling sci-fi, avant-garde, showing the brand’s latest concept. Kevin Rice, a well-known designer who has worked for BMW and Mazda, joined the Chery Automobile as the chairman of the concept car.

The front face of EXEED E-IUV concept car adopts grille-less design, and the front bracket design with a slightly shovel type under the front face also increases the sense of movement. The EXEED English logo is added to the upper edge of the grille, supplemented by a bar-style headlight set, which makes the new car look very technical.

From the side view, the car adopts a rounded rectangular wheel eyebrow shape, and the flat car window line makes the new car look very smart. Through its overall design line, the car will be positioned as a coupe SUV. In the tail part, the lamp sets on both sides adopt L-shaped light belt design.

In the interior part, the new car is equipped with a holographic projection and an accommodating seat, in which the holographic projection is located in the co-pilot; at the same time, the car interior window can also be turned into a screen for functional operation. In addition, the car will be upgraded for the visual experience, with curved/flexible screens and a new generation of HMI designs. In terms of configuration, the new car is equipped with the same color privacy glass, co-pilot welcome, wireless charging, wheel motor and so on.