Niu Technologies were exposed or enter the new energy vehicle field


Recently, an official website channel stated that NIUTRON will be officially released on December 15th. The brand is the new venture of Li Yinan, the founder of Niu Technologies (NASDAQ: NIU).

It is reported that the NIUTRON car-building project was established in November 2018. The brand headquarters is located in Beijing, the R&D center is located in Shanghai, and the R&D and intelligent manufacturing base is located in Changzhou. At present, the company’s core R&D team is close to 1,000 people, all of whom are from mainstream first-tier automobile companies in China and abroad, with an average working life of more than 10 years and extremely rich experience.

Previously, a rendering of the an electric vehicle from NIUTRON was circulated on the Internet and named NIU 4 Fun. The car is positioned as a four-seater small pure electric vehicle with a wheelbase of 2010 mm and a battery life of about 400 kilometers. Judging from the renderings given, the EV is extremely compact and has a sense of technology.

It is reported that NIUTRON will operate separately and independently from Niu Technologies, which also means Niu Technologies will enter the field of new energy vehicles with a new brand.