Tesla registered 3563 vehicles in China in January which is 46% decrease from the previous month


Even Tesla, whose sales are growing rapidly, is inevitably affected by the epidemic in China. According to the reports, the number of Tesla’s new car registrations in China in January dropped significantly by 46% from the previous month, because the Lunar New Year holiday and the corona virus epidemic slowed down the pace of car buyers.

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Data show that in January 2020, Tesla registered 3,563 new cars in China, down from 6,743 in December last year; of the 2,605 new cars registered in January, they were made in China.

Affected by factors including the above-mentioned news, as of the close of the US stock market on February 27, Tesla stock plunged 12.81% to $ 679, and as low as $ 655.01 during the session.

In 2019, Tesla delivered a total of 368,000 new vehicles worldwide, of which the sales volume registered in China showed 42715 units, an increase of about 160% compared to the 16,360 units in 2018. Driven by new car sales, Tesla’s 2019 revenue in China rises 69.55% to $ 2.979 billion