NIO City Power Station Gets On-line In NIO APP’s “Charging Map”


We learned from the official that NIO has been officially launched on the “Charging Map” in NIO APP, it means that NIO owners can choose to swap the battery at the designated power station in the city. The price of a single power exchange is 180 yuan (~US$25.7).

It is understood that NIO has only opened the power exchange station for the expressway, the power exchange station in cities cannot be found in the “Charging Map”. It is understood, the power exchange station in cities were mainly used for the NIO Power one-click power-on service team to power the car owners before they switched to the power exchange station. Now they will be able to accept the reservations of the car owners after the power exchange station are officially launched in the “Charging Map”, this makes it easy for users to travel and enrich the options.

The author learned from the “Charging Map” of NIO App that the current service is limited to free, and the deadline for the event is currently not explained. The cost of a single change is 180 yuan after the free service is closed. If the user changes power in an area more than 200 kilometers away from the resident address, they can enjoy 12 free off-site power-on services per year.