Li Bin responded to NIO’s mobile phone business: still in the research stage


Recently, Li Bin, the founder, chairman, and CEO of NIO responded to the rumors that NIO making mobile phones when he participated in an interview column. He claimed that NIO’s mobile phone production is still in the research stage. Li Bin bluntly said that NIO users’ feedback on whether there is a mobile phone that can better connect with the car, prompted NIO to study this industry.

“We will actively look in this direction. We also know that it is easy to make a mobile phone, but it is very challenging to make a good mobile phone.” Li Bin said that even if NIO wants to make a mobile phone, it is not thinking from the perspective of commercial success, it is about whether users need an NIO mobile phone and whether this mobile phone can enhance the experience of NIO owners.

In fact, it was reported on February 22 that NIO would enter the mobile phone industry. Its mobile phone department has made a lot of moves recently. Funds are still increasing, and various positions are being recruited. The workplace is Qianhai Free Trade Area in Shenzhen. According to sources, NIO’s mobile phone business is determined to be done, and the project is currently in the initial research stage. At that time, NIO responded: There is currently no information to disclose, and further information will be communicated to you.