Xiaomi Auto: Strive to enter the top five in the world in 15-20 years


Recently, on the Xiaomi Investment Day, Lei Jun said that Xiaomi Auto’s future goalis to strive to enter the top five in the world within 15-20 years. He revealed that he will devote 1/2 of his time to making cars, and cars will also involve the most part of personal experience.

Some questioned whether the release time of Xiaomi’s car was too late. Lei Jun said that the car is a century-old track, as long as you are optimistic about the car industry, it is never too late. Other Chinese startup car makers are deploying cars 6-7 years earlier than Xiaomi, but Xiaomi’s advantage lies in electronic technology and user experience, and the release time in 2024 is just right.

Lei Jun said that in September 2022, Xiaomi’s first model vehicle rolled off the production line as scheduled, and the winter test has started in December, the progress of each team is better than expected. Xiaomi’s investment in the start-up stage is more than three times that of other automakers. In 2022, including Xiaomi’s new business, the total investment exceeded 3 billion yuan, and the R&D team exceeded 2,300 people.

When talking about Xiaomi’s profit forecast, Lei Jun said that Xiaomi’s car is the same as mobile phones, in addition to hardware profits, software profits are more important. In the future, cars can integrate more and more services. At the same time, Lei Jun also hopes that one day mobile phones, cars, and smart homes will all be connected.