Xiaomi announces patent for wearable device that can control vehicles


We learned from Qichacha App (a Chinese mobile phone Application) that Xiaomi Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. published a patent for “wearable devices and data processing methods for wearable devices”.

The abstract shows that the wearable device includes a display screen, a first Bluetooth module and a processor, wherein the first Bluetooth module is used to establish a communication connection between the wearable device and the vehicle; the processor is used to obtain the distance between the wearable device and the vehicle, and when the distance is less than the set distance threshold, the display interface of the control display is switched from the first interface to the second interface, and the second interface includes one or more controls for controlling the vehicle.

The wearable device can automatically display the controls for controlling the vehicle when it is close to the vehicle, and the user can conveniently control the vehicle through the controls without additional operations.