Baojun to Launch RS-5 – a New SUV for its High-end Market in China


Baojun has been quite good sales in recent years in China market. Sales amount of Baojun 510 model has surpassed Haval H6 in several months. The sales of Baojun 530 are also very good. The new high-end of Baojun SUV model – Baojun RS-5 will be listed on April 11, the estimated price range of Baojun RS-5 will be from 115,800 to 145,800 yuan (~USD17,100-21,600).

The appearance of Baojun RS-5 is quite exquisite. The diamond-style grille is full of texture, it is also becoming very popular now using on many Chinese vehicles’ front face. The new prismatic badge is the first time to be used on RS-5. As the application of new badge, Baojun is trying to move upmarket.

The rear of Baojun RS-5 is relatively simple. The diamond-like badge and the slim through-taillights are simple but it has a lot of small details in them.

We can see the words “BAOJUN” to be illuminated in the center of the light strip when the through-taillights are lit, this is a very nice design.

Size of Baojun RS-5: 4570/1870/1720mm, wheelbase is 2700mm, it is similar to Baojun 530, positioned in a compact SUV.

The center console is driver-oriented and slightly tilted to the main driving side, the central control screen, air conditioning, air outlet and control area are clearly divided, layout is reasonable. There are three LCD screens, the full LCD dial can clearly display the road conditions and driving information, the air-conditioning control area is also displayed on the screen. A new-style leather perforated steering wheel and the new visual symbol “BAOJUN” is used for the first time.

Safety equipment is also very rich, RS-5 will be equipped with ESP, ABS + EBD, VDC(vehicle dynamic control system), TCS (Traction Control System), HBA(brake assist system), HHC(Uphill Assist System), Electronics Parking Brake, AUTOHOLD, Tire Pressure Monitoring, ACC(Adaptive Cruise Control), LKA (Lane Keeping Assist), Lane Departure Warning System, Speed Limit Sign Warning, intelligent far and near light switch, as well as emergency brake, 360 degree panoramic image.

Baojun RS-5 is powered by a 1.5litre Turbocharged engine with 111kW and 250N.m of torque, the transmission is matched with an 8-speed CVT gearbox.

About Baojun Marque

Baojun is a Chinese auto brand established by SAIC-GM-Wuling in 2010. General Motors (China) President Gan Wenwei listed Baojun marque as the fourth-largest brand of GM in China, which is in parallel with Buick, Chevrolet and Cadillac.

SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile (SGMW), which was formally established on November 18, 2002, is owned by Shanghai Automotive Group, General Motors Corporation of the United States and Guangxi Automobile Group (formerly Liuzhou Wuling Automobile), a large joint venture automobile company in China.

Baojun is an entry-level car brand in China market since it’s born, with the replacement of the new badge, Baojun is challenging the higher-end brand image.