The China-Only Volkswagen Lavida Has A Pure Electric Version: e-Lavida Is Ready in China Market


Volkswagen is entering in the new energy vehicle very earlier, after the failure of e-up! in early years, although this is also the beginning of the new energy vehicle from VW, the e-glof was also barely satisfactory, Until the arrival of the VW ID series, we saw the glory side of VW, ID.3 opened pre-sale, priced at 30,000-40,000 euros, range of 420km, and the very technologically interior & appearance, all of which made the VW’s new energy vehicle trend the world’s top, anyway, ID.3 will not launch in China, Chinese can’t taste the fresh technology from VW, so what kind of new energy vehicle can VW bring to China?

That’s the e-Lavida, a pure EV from SAIC-Volkswagen, the prototype of e-Lavida is Lavida, a China-only VW sedan, e-Lavida is manufactured on VW’s MQB platform, it is equipped with NCM (nickel cobalt manganese) ternary power battery from CATL, range is 278km, max power of the motor is 100kW(134hp), price is 148,900 yuan (~US$21,023) after subsidies.

e-Lavida still continues the design style of its fuel version Lavida, it changes only in some details. Compared with the fuel version, the chrome decoration on the grille of e-Lavida is changed to white, the “e-Lavida” logo was added. Moreover, the bumper has also been adjusted, the fog lights are replaced by daytime running lights.

The body size of e-Lavida is consistent with the Lavida fuel version, with length, width and height of 4670mm, 1806mm and 1474mm respectively, the wheelbase is slightly shorter than the fuel version, it is 2680mm.

In the interior design, e-Lavida and the Lavida fuel version are almost identical in terms of overall layout, materials, configuration, and room. Specifically, e-Lavida uses a smaller LCD screen, most of which are manually controlled, and the dashboard style remains old-fashioned. e-Lavida features 6 airbags, AEB brake assist system, intelligent collision safety system, electronic handbrake, electronic parking, MIB in-vehicle infotainment system, intelligent recognition collision strength, Apple CarPlay and Baidu CarLife mobile phone interconnection system.

In terms of power, e-Lavida is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor with maximum power of 100kW (134hp), maximum torque of 290Nm, and an acceleration time of 3.4s from 0-50Km/h, but the top speed is only 150km/h.

The e-Lavida is equipped with a ternary lithium battery, its battery capacity is 38.1kWh, which can support multiple charging modes such as DC fast charging, AC slow charging, and portable charging. It takes 5.5 hours to fully charge in the slow charge mode, and 40 mins charge from 0-80% in the fast charge mode. It consumes 13.2kWh of energy in 100-kilometer comprehensive condition.

Does this the latest EV technology from VW? We don’t think so, the pure electric e-Lavida is transformed from the existing platform of Lavida, which is directly convert from “oil to electricity”, the range is only 172miles(278km), comparing other Chinese EV makers in current Chinese EV market, many models can do more 400km and 500km, many Chinese EV startups launched their new EVs with many hi-tech features, comparing the old-fashioned interior design of e-Lavida, this is only a EV that is for meeting the China’s new energy regulations, the competitiveness of this vehicle only the VW badge.