SAIC Released its All New SUV Roewe Max, Positioned between RX5 & RX8


SAIC released its all new SUV Roewe Max on 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, Roewe Max is positioned between Roewe RX5 & RX8. The wheelbase is 2750mm. The exterior also adopts the latest family style design. In addition, Roewe MAX is expected to carry a 2.0litre turbocharged engine.

The overall design of the front face is similar to Roewe RX5 and RX8. The front grille is also connected to the front headlights to form an integrated shape, but Roewe MAX uses a new style of headlights, especially the interior is a more refined dot matrix LED light source.

It is worth mentioning that a front camera is integrated in the middle of grille, in addition, there are also four radars are equipped on the front bumper, while the elongated trapezoidal lower air inlet is equipped with a millimeter wave radar in the center, which can realize ACC function. In addition, the mix of black mesh and silver chrome trim at the bottom also enhances the sporty sense.

On the side, Roewe MAX also adopts a more tough design style. The rich waistline and the chrome trim strips of the window also add sense of fashion. The design of the rear triangular window is very similar to Roewe RX8. The wheelbase is 2750mm, it is a compact SUV with market positioning between Roewe RX5 and RX8.

Roewe MAX’s rear end continues the Roewe SUV’s consistently three-dimensional shape. It also uses a new taillight group with a ring-shaped LED strip. The interior is a dot matrix structure. In addition, the taillights on both sides are connected by a through-plated chrome trim.

In addition, six parking radars are integrated on the rear bumper, plus the rear camera at the license plate, it has very high practical. The bottom is surrounded by black + silver fenders, diamond-shaped exhaust pipes are also integrated at the ends. This is the same design style as Roewe RX5 and RX8.

In terms of power, It is expected to be powered by a 2.0litre turbocharged engine and matched with a 6-speed dual-clutch transmission, which has maximum power of 217HP and a peak torque of 350Nm. Four-wheel drive system will be available in premium models. At present, SAIC Roewe did not disclose more information about the car, we will continue pay attention