SAIC MG6 Review and Road Test – Summary



First I read some documents before I have seen the true colors of MG6. MG6 is designed by Shanghai Automotive Longbridge R & D center in UK, and it is positioned in a mid-sized hatchback home-use car. The car shares the same platform with Shanghai Auto’s own brand Roewe 550, the chassis structure of MG6 can be traced back to Rover 75 sedan – it is also the prototype of MG7 and Roewe 750 which are now producing by SAIC. However, in order to show the differences between Roewe 550 and MG, MG6 has been modified a lot not only just in its logo but in engine, chassis, body and interior.

As a world-renowned sports car brand, we do not need to doubt MG6‘s dynamic.  We may see MG6 performs the movement and comfort in the same time through the test drive. It finds a balance between “moving” and “static”. In the test drive, many persons who have seen MG6 consider it is similar with BMW X6, although it just makes a casual comment, this sufficient proofs its special personality.

Overall, MG6 not only Inherits some parts of characteristics from Roewe 550, but also joined Fast-Back design, while a firmer suspension and sporty appearance are more suitable for young drivers. “Make the Difference, find you different” slogan and 6 new benchmark selling points, it will certainly catch eyes from many people. If you are seeking personal rejection of mediocrity, like the fashion movement, then you can realize the new ideas and feeling that MG6 brings you.
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