SAIC-MAXUS Released EUNIQ 6 and EUNIQ 6 PLUG, The Pure EV and PHEV Version of Maxus D60


Recently, SAIC MAXUS officially released MAXUS EUNIQ 6 and EUNIQ 6 PLUG, the MAXUS MAXUS EUNIQ 6 is pure electric vehicle and MAXUS EUNIQ 6 PLUG is the PHEV, the prototype of both is the just launched Maxus D60 fuel version, the two new model are based on MAXUS MERA platform, official says the MERA platform can develop four powertrain models of pure electric, hybrid, fuel and fuel cells.


MAXUS EUNIQ 6 , a pure EV based on Maxus D60

The SAIC MAXUS D60 pure electric version is named as SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ 6. The overall design continues with the fuel version and updated in appearance. For example, the car features a fully enclosed front grille design with an exaggerated air intake on both sides to make the new car look very atmospheric.

In terms of the tail, it features the current popular bar-style taillights group, the Maxus badge is just under the light bar, improving the recognition of the new car. According to the official introduction, MAXUS EUNIQ 6 will be equipped with CATL ternary lithium battery, the NEDC comprehensive working range will be up to 372miles (600km).


The SAIC MAXUS D60 PHEV (plug-in hybrid) version is called the SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ 6 PLUG. The new car has much similar appearance with D60 fuel version but adjusted in some details, the adjustment includes a brand new blue horizontal banner grille and blue trim strips in the headlights and fog lights.

In contrast, the rear of the new car has not been adjusted too much.

In terms of interior, MAXUS EUNIQ 6 PLUG relies mainly on blue elements to create an overall new energy vehicle identity. In addition, its overall shape is consistent with that of the SAIC MAXUS D60, featuring a full LCD instrument panel, while the central control large-size screen adopts a vertical design.

In terms of power, as a hybrid version of MAXUS D60, according to the official, the new car will be powered by a 1.3T dual-injection turbocharged engine, all electric working range can do 40miles (65km), comprehensive cruising range of up to 466miles (750km).

It is worth mentioning that MAXUS also released MAXUS Hyper-Orient system, it has full-speed automatic follow-up, real-time lane keeping, automatic lane change assistance, fixed-point start-stop, intelligent anti-collision, autonomous parking and other intelligent configuration. We will continue to pay attention to more information.