SAIC MAXUS EG50 Electric MPV Starts to Pre-sale in China Market


MAXUS EG50 is actually the all-electric version of MAXUS G50 (Check here
MAXUS G50 Review), it is unveiled on 2019 Shanghai Auto Show and started to pre-sale now, the price range starts at 169,800 to 213,800 yuan (~US$24,571 – US$30,938) after subsidy. MAXUS EG50 kepts the same appearance and interior as G50, the body size is also kept the same.

As the pure electric version, MAXUS EG50 maintains the overall design style of the fuel version. the front face of EG50 adopts a polygonal large front grille design, decorate with blue color elements to show its electric identity, a larger front lip is also added on the front bumper, the overall shape is sporty and looks very fashionable.

SAIC MAXUS EG50 is powered by a motor unit with maximum power of 85kW and maximum torque of 250Nm. The battery capacity is 52.5kWh. NEDC comprehensive working range reaches 217miles(350km), it takes on 45min to charge up to 80% amount of battery capacity in fast charging mode, 8.5hours for full charge in slow charging mode, and EG50 also features reservation charging function.

MAXUS EG50 offers ECO and Normal driving modes, as well as three energy recovery modes: Low, Mid and High, which gives driver different driving experience.